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East Carolina Style BBQ Sauce

This style of sauce is considered to be the mother of American barbecue sauces, it can be traced back for several centuries. The Eastern BBQ style uses no tomatoes, resorting to a tangy blend of vinegar, spices, and crushed red peppers. You will notice that they resorted to vinegar instead of lemon juice, because lemons were hard to come by if you lived north of Florida.

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Kansas City Style BBQ Sauce

When it comes to barbecue sauces, Kansas City has a style of its own, they adopted a thicker, and sweeter formula. If you take the time to notice what is available on the shelves of your grocery store, it is easy to see that the Kansas City style has dominated all the rest, when it comes to American barbecue practices. This sweet and spicy BBQ sauce is a must for any meat you want to slap on the BBQ. 

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Texas Style Barbecue Sauce

Texas developed its own barbecue sauce tradition, since they had access to good cuts of beef, they did not want to cover up the flavour of the meat; so the sauce was intended to use as a glaze that moistens the meat and adds flavour as it smokes. Texas-style sauce is thinner, less sweet, includes vegetables,  and a beefy stock.

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