(6x8oz) Niagara Sunset – Le Saucier Hot Sauces
(6x8oz) Niagara Sunset

Grilled Peaches & Habaneros

(6x8oz) Niagara Sunset

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This item is a box of 6x8oz Niagara Sunset hot sauces. Retail price: 15$/ea.

Do you love peaches and habaneros? Good, because we grill them and make this hot sauce with both these ingredients. We are not half assing it, peaches are the main ingredient and it shows.

This flavorful hot sauce goes well with tacos, seafood and breakfasts. But really, it fits everywhere. Not too sugary, not too hot, just a well balanced hot sauce that you will love.

ingredients: grilled peaches, apple cider vinegar, yellow bell peppers, onions, habaneros, garlic, honey, salt, black pepper.

Each bottle contains 8oz of pure flavor.