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BBQ Sauces Lined up

I decided to post some barbecue sauce recipes, after all barbecuing is important to many of us, especially those of us who live through cold winters. Limited heat, sun, and all around great weather gives us a total of about two months to barbecue. In this short lapse of time we try to cram in the most barbecuing as possible, so believe me that it is super important to diversify. 

I knew that there were different schools of thought regarding barbecue sauces, depending on which region you come from in the United States. If I understand correctly, each region is adamant about their traditional methods, components and especially sauces. I did a little research on the internet and was captivated by the history, how the influence of different cultures and the introduction of Heinz ketchup in 1876 made quite a difference in the wonderful world of barbecues.

With each traditional, regional recipe, I will share with you a few historical tidbits I came across. I do hope you will try all of these sauces, they are all quite different, each have their own regional personality and flavour. After all it would be like taking a road trip across the States in your own back yard! Happy trails.